Hard West

It's a horror strategy game settled in the old Wild West. In a world where everyone is hostile and making allies is not easy. Luckily there are still some people eager to join your cause. Doesn't mean really that they're good folks. They just have their own business too. You and your team of gunslingers will struggle in intense gunfights obtaining own goals. The world of Hard West is full of bandits, demons and other supernatural beings.

This is a game that requires strategic thinking, clever planning, and exemplary execution to succeed. To triumph, players must explore dangerous locations, discover and defeat enemies, and collect equipment and treasures.

Hard West is a board game that can support between 1-6 players. Is a great social game that's quite easy to learn but really hard to master. You'll be surprised to see how your friends around the table can easily pick up the rules.

Partners: CreativeForge Games
Date: 08.10.2019
Campaign: Kickstarter