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We are a new game design studio and publisher based in Poland ⏤ Warsaw. We have over 7 years of combined experience, and know a thing or two about designing games. Our partnerships enable us to work faster and smarter with many titles. Wide spectrum of released projects help us to deliver quality and fun.

Kornelia Piech

Kornelia Piech

Chief Executive Officer

Krzysztof Witkowski-Soroczan

Krzysztof Soroczan

Chief Design Officer

Mateusz Stępień

Mateusz Stępień

Chief Marketing Officer

Best Projects

The list of our released and upcoming projects.

Hard West

Western & Horror

Down To Hell

Horror & Fantasy

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The updates concerning everything what we do for you.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Wiązana 22L, 04-680 Warszawa
  • Phone: +48 603 891 366
  • Email: